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the mushroom.

 Azoth creates organic and potent mushroom extracts using proprietary extraction process that negates the use of any alcohol or solvents. By combining groundbreaking science with natures bounty we deliver revolutionary extracts made from a single natural source

Cordyceps Militaris

Presenting the world's first completely water soluble

full spectrum extract with the highest concentration of bio-active compounds.

Benefits of Cordyceps Militaris

Improves Physical Performance

Anti-Aging Effect

Helps to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

Improves Liver Function

Can Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes

Reduces Physical Fatigue

Improves Brain Function & Boosts Sex Drive

Antioxidant & Immunoenhancing Activities

Benefits of Lion's mane mushroom

Stimulates growth & repair of nerve cells

Support immune system functioning

Reduces inflammation and oxidative stress

Improves fat metabolism

May relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety

Benefits of Reishi mushroom

Immune System Enhancement

Adaptogenic Stress Support

Anti Inflammatory Properties

Cardiovascular Health

Sleep Improvement